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Caring for Women through all stages of their lives.

With an experienced team of OB/GYN specialists and certified midwives, Women's Health at Valley View is dedicated to providing the highest level of women's healthcare through all stages of life. Each aspect of our Glenwood Springs, Basalt, and Silt, CO locations is formulated with our patients in mind in order to offer more comfortable consultations and treatments.

Through obstetric, fertility, gynecology, and comprehensive women's health services, we help guide women through some of the most important decisions in their lives, as well as offer essential preventive care. At Women's Health at Valley View, we believe in providing lifelong care for all women.

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At Women's Health at Valley View, we offer an extensive list of services. To learn more, we invite you to browse our extensive list of treatments.

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OB/GYN Physicians

Drs. Joel Dickens, Katie Mang-Smith, Emily McCarty, Brooke Halliwell, and Alan Dulit are board-certified OB/GYNs providing quality, advanced care at Women's Health at Valley View. With vast experience and training, they are equipped to provide minimally invasive surgical procedures, high-risk and low-intervention obstetric care, and infertility treatments. Additionally, through advanced preventive care, they are able to effectively detect certain serious conditions before they develop further.

Each of our physicians is dedicated to not only providing effective care, but they also work to build a trusting relationship with our patients so that they feel comfortable when choosing Women's Health at Valley View for healthcare services.

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Certified Nurse-Midwives

Our highly skilled team of certified nurse-midwives work with women to help them maintain optimal health in each stage of their lives. Utilizing their extensive training, our team provides female-focused primary healthcare services from adolescence through menopause. Additionally, we are supremely focused on providing a healthy, happy pregnancy and childbirth experience for both mom and baby. 

With a holistic approach to women's healthcare, they focus on all of the parts of their patients' well-being for improved quality of life.

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Why Choose Women’s Health for Your Comprehensive Health Needs?

At Women's Health at Valley View, we work with women through some pivotal moments in their lives. We believe that women of all ages deserve quality healthcare services that are tailored to their specific needs. From prenatal to menopause and beyond, our team is dedicated to helping you receive effective care through procedure options that you can feel comfortable with.

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"All the staff was very very pleasant, and very professional..Dr.Halliwell is the best! She is compassionate, kind and very knowledgeable. She takes time to hear your concerns and takes time to explain everything to you!"



"Excelente atención se preocupan no sólo por él bienestar físico sino también por el emocional y psicológico, Gracias!"



"Dr. Joel Dickens was our doctor throughout my second pregnancy and birth of our daughter two years ago. He was great about answering any of our questions and addressing any concerns we had along the way. He never made me feel like any of my questions were unimportant or silly and I was never made to feel that my concerns were irrational. I am now in my last weeks of my third pregnancy and am much less anxious knowing this baby and I are in good hands with Dr. Dickens. We highly recommend Dr. Joel Dickens!"



"Dr. Mang-Smith is one of the best doctors I’ve had in a long time. She is sharp, attentive, perceptive, a step ahead of me even. I went in for something pretty basic, that thing that is necessary but most women avoid. She asked important questions and offered great solutions to some things I hadn’t even considered addressing. She ordered an important test and the radiology department called me to schedule before I even drove away from the medical building. Dr. Mang-Smith is a Women’s health physician, after all, which covers a lot more than I was even thinking about. I also left with a book and a prescription. I think my life is about to get a lot better. "



"Dr. McCarty is very professional but also has a wonderful bedside manner as well. I appreciate that I can speak to her about any subject!"




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