Lindsey Bischoff

Meet Lindsey

Lindsey Bischoff is a certified nurse midwife with Women’s Health at Valley View. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and, after working for years as a registered nurse in Colorado, Alaska and Hawaii, she graduated from the same school with her master's degree in nursing midwifery in 2018.

Lindsey is new to the Roaring Fork Valley, though not to the mountains in general—she spent 14 years in Vail and another four in Denver before joining the Valley View team. “I love how everyone knows everyone here in the mountains. I love all the familiar faces,” she says. “Seeing the people I help to deliver their babies when they’re out and about is extremely rewarding.”

Before coming to Valley View, Lindsey worked at a birthing center—a health care facility where care is provided in the midwifery and wellness model. These centers focus on unmedicated, vaginal delivery, assuming most women don’t need a lot of care as they move through the birthing process. “I bring that natural, holistic mindset into my practice,” she says. “I’ve been to around 40 different countries and I’ve seen how successful low-intervention birthing techniques can be. Above all, I believe in giving women’s bodies the chance to do what they are built to do. And the more they know about the process, the better educated they are, the easier that is.”

Having traveled so extensively, Lindsey has been on all kinds of adventures, from swimming with humpback whales to split-boarding the Colorado backcountry. Her favorite country? Cambodia, where she says the people are kind and among the happiest she’s ever seen. These days, she also enjoys getting outside with her dog to experience the Colorado wilderness.

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