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About VBAC

Vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) is a birth that is performed naturally rather than by surgery. There are many women who plan for a vaginal birth, but unfortunately, some complications may have lead to an emergency or even a planned C-section. This procedure involves making a surgical incision along the lower abdomen with a second incision being made in the uterus to deliver a baby safely. A cesarean can be really hard on a woman's body, but it can also be difficult emotionally as many moms hope for a successful vaginal birth. If you are pregnant and have had a C-section but would like to attempt a natural birth, call Women's Health at Valley View in Glenwood Springs, Basalt, or Silt, CO. Our highly trained and experienced OB/GYNs have been serving women of the Roaring Fork Valley area for many years and look forward to helping you grow your family.

Reasons for VBAC

There are various reasons to consider a VBAC:

  • Shorter recovery time than cesarean
  • Lower risk of surgical complications
  • Decrease risk of scarring (which can impact future pregnancies)
  • The opportunity to move forward with your personalized birth plan

Ideal Candidates

A VBAC isn't for everyone as there are many factors to consider in order to move forward safely. At Women's Health at Valley View, we evaluate each patient case carefully while keeping the health of you and your baby at the forefront of our minds. Typically, ideal candidates do not have a high vertical uterine incision, no prior uterine rupture, or previous uterine surgeries (fibroid removal). Other factors that may prevent a VBAC is advanced age, 40+ week pregnancy, stalled labor, and obesity.

Risks of a VBAC

Although rare, the main risk involved with vaginal birth after a C-section is that the original cesarean incision may tear. This is known as a uterine tear, which can cause extreme blood loss that can be life-threatening for the mother and baby. On average, 60 – 80% of women have a successful vaginal delivery after a C-section.

What to Expect

The procedure process is the same for VBACs as it is with traditional vaginal births. When you go into labor, you'll move forward with your personalized birth plan and check into our care facility at Valley View Hospital. During your initial consultation with your OB/GYN, we will review all risks factors involved, but in order to provide the utmost safety for you and your baby, our medical team will closely monitor your baby's heart rate throughout your labor. We will also be prepared to perform an emergency C-section, if medically necessary.

Meet with an OB/GYN

If you are eligible and are considering a vaginal delivery after you have had a C-section, then we invite you to call Women's Health at Valley View in Glenwood Springs, CO. One of our board-certified OB/GYNs can sit down with you to listen to your concerns, answer any questions you may have, and review all the risks involved so you can move forward with the safest birth plan possible. We are here to guide you with leading medical care you can depend on.

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