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At Women's Health at Valley View in Glenwood Springs, CO, our skilled team of physicians takes pride in offering the highest level of care to women in all stages of life. This is why they take into account all of the feedback we receive from previous patients about their experience at our facilities. We have curated a complete list of our reviews to give those looking for women's healthcare services the ability to learn more about our practice and what we can do for you. We invite you to browse through our feedback and feel at ease when choosing Women's Heath at Valley View.

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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Nov 30, 2018

Truly BLESSED: - God has been so good to me, placing this woman in my path. She’s the first that took me seriously wo eye-rolls n the words “inconclusive” and “hypochondriac”!!!!!!!God alone "dropped her in my lap". I was at a Ladies' Bible Study n a woman there was talking about her Dr. n how pleased she was with her. I asked for the name:Dr. Katie Mang-Smith atWomen's Health at Valley-View Hospital in Glenwood Springs.She took the time to go over the paperwork / results from the multiple tests I've had done elsewhere since Jan 2017, multiple UAs, a cystoscopy, a CT scan, a pelvic ultrasound, and several pelvic exams,....) the problems I've been having that prompted me to have them, n my frustration of getting no answers / “inconclusive” results.The surgery was planned as "exploratory" to discover why n ended up being a major effort / undertaking of precision repair(s),for problems, some I suspected, some, no one had any clue!!!!!!!What was supposed to be 1 1/2 - 2 hours, was a 4 hour surgery!!!!!!!Grateful to God for His Provision!!!!!!!I had my surgery on Tuesday, 27 NOV, 18. It’s now Friday. Dr Mang-Smith came to my hospital room Tuesday afternoon to explain / discuss what she’d accomplished:After my previous partial hysterectomy (Colorado Springs 1998) and in the 20 years since,upon visual inspection, Dr. Mang-Smith discovered:Vaginal cuff, bladder, colon, ovaries and tubes all stuck together w a lot of scar tissue / adhesions,creating a large knotted lump / cluster of imperfectly, often painfully functioning organs, including confirmation of vaginal cuff that had come “unbuttoned” from the previous surgery.(Explains a LOT of on-going symptoms!!!!!!!)The pictures are shocking / stunning.She had to dissect it all to separate / get it apart.Once apart:Discovered a fistula n removed a portion of colon / repaired it.Removed (dead / atrophied / w cyst) ovaries n tubes.Put remaining items in their proper places, allowing them to freely move, naturally.Repaired the “unbuttoned” vaginal cuff.More incisions than planned to allow for tools -some glued, some sewn; a bit warm, but healing nicely.VERY sore -esp left side where biggest incisions are.On norco n ibuprofen for pain.On fluids, liquid diet / transition to soft / reg.Now home.Still a bit dizzy, n puffy from fluid, as well as some pain from gas, and other minor discomforts. Only a bit of nausea. A bit of fever yesterday, but all in all, vitals are good, n recovery seems to be going well.She called me yesterday and I told her how grateful I was -she’s basically saved my life. If all this had gone undiscovered (doesn’t show on any of the tests I’ve done!!!!!!!) for another 10-20 years, I’d never have survived it. (I’m 58 -would’ve had much more difficulty at 78!!!!!!!)Thank you SO very much, Dr. Mang-Smith, for your attentiveness, kindness, and skill!!!!!!! Recommending you will be one of the greatest privileges / pleasures of my life!!!!!!!Gratefully,Deborah Christine Garrett 🐝 More

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